Net Neutrality – Not Just A First-World Problem Anymore

When news started circulating that US Internet Service Provider Comcast was essentially extorting money from Netflix for the ability to have their streaming service provided comfortably to Comcast customers, I was scared. In fact, a lot of my more internet interested friends were worried about what this would mean for a concept called ‘net neutrality’ – the simple idea that all data is created equal – not only in the US but all around the Atlantic and the wider world. However, the grand majority of my Trinidadian friends had more of this to say…

For the record, this is an incredibly uninformed position...

For the record, this is an incredibly uninformed position…

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Homophobia is a Business

Some folks would have you think that, in countries like Trinidad & Tobago, homosexuality is something that liberal madmen from the US and Europe brought to corrupt us. Turns out that’s not true. But homophobia definitely did. Continue reading

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The Bain Conspiracy

So, I’ve held off for a while from speaking on the entire Prof. Brendan Bain issue, for a lot of reasons. The major reason was that I thought the issue was pretty cut and dry – a healthcare professional made a faux pas and was asked to step down.

But it’s never that simple when you add the letters LGBT to it, huh…

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Elliot Rodger, Misogyny and Madness

Usually, when a college shooting takes place in the US, there’s this tremendous outrage about insanity and warning signs and support groups and training people to see. Sometimes, there is a conversation about race, about how black killers are killers and white killers are mentally unfit. On the morning of Saturday 24th May, what instead happened was a tremendous outrage about gender, privilege and patriarchy.

As unpopular an opinion as I know this will be, I want to bring the insanity bit back in…

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In the news, death threats have been sent to local investigative journalist Mark Bassant. These threats come after his investigation into the assassination of Trinidadian attorney Dana Seetahal SC.


A photo of Mark Bassant sharing information about a recent threat on his life on TV6 News.
(Photo courtesy

If you’re an everyday Trini, that means that our country has gone to the dogs. If you’re even just an aspiring journalist, that means a lot more… Continue reading

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