We Need 50 Shades of Boycotts

My mother saw ’50 Shades of Grey’ on Saturday. This troubles me.

i will gag you

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Back To The Future – How New Tech Might Perpetuate Old Problems


Happy New Year, fellow social justice rookies! I know I’ve been very absent over the past year, but I thought that 2015 made the perfect reason to reappear. No, it’s not the 6 things that the movie ‘Back to the Future II’ got wrong about the year 2015. It’s what we might get right in 2045. And the possibility that it either makes nothing better, or makes some things worse. Continue reading

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Net Neutrality – Not Just A First-World Problem Anymore

When news started circulating that US Internet Service Provider Comcast was essentially extorting money from Netflix for the ability to have their streaming service provided comfortably to Comcast customers, I was scared. In fact, a lot of my more internet interested friends were worried about what this would mean for a concept called ‘net neutrality’ – the simple idea that all data is created equal – not only in the US but all around the Atlantic and the wider world. However, the grand majority of my Trinidadian friends had more of this to say…

For the record, this is an incredibly uninformed position...

For the record, this is an incredibly uninformed position…

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Homophobia is a Business

Some folks would have you think that, in countries like Trinidad & Tobago, homosexuality is something that liberal madmen from the US and Europe brought to corrupt us. Turns out that’s not true. But homophobia definitely did. Continue reading

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