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So, tomorrow afternoon I leave for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for three days. I will be presenting at two panels for the Rio de Janeiro Technology and Human Rights Conference, or ‘RightsCon’, on the 31st of May and the 1st of June.

A chance to meet activists, journalists, developers from all over the world who are all invested in the places where technology and human rights intersect to do the most good possible. And I get in on the ground floor, as one of them, and have the chance to represent Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean as the sole representative from the region at the conference. And, apparently I’m special enough for people to take time and money to get me there.

Let’s see if I can’t chronicle the whole experience for you guys over the next few days, from my flights (which are always interesting experiences), to my night in Panama (yep, I got the fun trip this time) to actually presenting at RightsCon and meeting the interesting people that make things like this possible.

So I’ll try to bring you guys some stuff if you promise to take a look. I might even be able to record my presentations for you guys!


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