Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Submitting to Rules

I’m a creative type. At least I’d like to think that I am. Which probably explains why people often imagine that I wouldn’t like ‘being in a box’ and would be a lot less conservative about certain things. Turns out, though, that I was either a Republican or a Roman Catholic in a past life. I’ve heard recently that I have very closed-minded and apparently even oppressive ideas about sex, relationships, family life, even some political and social issues…I think I’m only on the fence where abortion is concerned, and even there I know that I wouldn’t ever want my girlfriend or wife to abort any child of mine. See? Conservative.

And, in a world that’s so neo-liberal, it’s definitely not easy being green… The prevailing thoughts and ideas out here are that people should be able to do whatever they want and worry about the consequences later or not at all. Now, I agree with that to some degree. I think people should be able to figure out whatever they want with their bodies, their minds, their souls, their lives… The issue is, there are some things that definitely would make your life better, and some things that have been statistically proven to give you bad memories. At least in my opinion (this phrase has been my most commonly used in the last three months).

The Rastafarian movement has a term called ‘irie’. I’ve been told that it means ‘I rule I eternally’. Not sure whether that’s true, but in the recent documentary ‘Marley’, the legend Bob Marley said something that made me a little more certain of the definition. He said that he takes laws from no man or society, but only God. He went on to say, that if God gave him no specific law about certain things, then he was free to make his own law.

I’m sure to some people this sounds like positive stuff. After all, it’s from Bob fricking Marley, right? But this is also a man that had at least seven affairs with other women including former Miss World Cindy Breakspeare, while he was married to Rita Marley. He had eleven children from these affairs, including his son Damian for Ms. Breakspeare. But, these days, that doesn’t mean a great deal, does it?

And I’m afraid that might be exactly the problem…

A friend of mine once asked me, if I had an answer to how people should live their lives to get as much fulfillment from it as possible, wouldn’t you want to tell every single person? Wouldn’t you tell them every moment of the day, and made sure that some day they’d listen? He was at first justifying himself trying to convert me to Pentecostalism, but I completely understand him. I’ve tried not to tell people how to live their own lives, but after spending a lot of time trying to explain why I believe the things that I believe, I can understand how some Christians feel when they don’t get through to heathens like us. We’re so determined to simply do our own things half of the time, and don’t want to hear exactly how much it might bite us in the ass when we still just want to do whatever we want.

We want so badly as human beings to not have to submit to someone else’s rule. But maybe we need to return to submitting to rules – to the ideas of virtue and right action that keeps pulling societies together and prevents individuals from getting hurt. It has nothing to do with people trying to control you, but it has everything to do with making sure that people make the best out of their lives and give their best into the lives of others instead of acting out of want, impulse and instinct.


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