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A Gayer Google?

Now, when you search terms like ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’ or ‘LGBT’, you get a cute little Easter egg from the folks at Google in the form of a rainbow banner under the search bar.

A screenshot of google’s search results page for ‘gay’. Courtesy

It doesn’t particularly mean much, most would argue. It’s just an image under a bar in the middle of cyberspace. But it does mean that there is some deal of thoughtfulness around LGBT issues and how they are displayed and dealt with online by Google. Aside from that and giving LGBT persons worldwide a warm, fuzzy feeling, Google can’t control what actually ends up on the search page. But maybe it does mean a future of responsible dealing with sexuality and opinions around it online?

Besides that, it is pretty cool. I mean, it’s no zerg rush, but it is an interesting symbol for LGBT rights as a cause worldwide.


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