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Just in case you missed homophobia…

Five-month-old couple Mollie Judith Olgin (right) and Mary Christine Chapa (left) were found with gunshot wounds in their head in a park in Portland, Texas. Olgin died from her injuries while Chapa is in serious but stable condition.

For some, the fight for LGBT rights and equality has entered annoying territory. Especially for those who are homophobic to some degree, it just sounds like a childish argument for more ice cream after the kid just finished a bowl themselves. All over the world, there has been more concessions and allowance and acceptance for them, so what in the world are they complaining about now?

Well, for starters, they’re complaining about this.

Still, even in countries with the largest steps towards inclusion for LGBT people, there are still crimes of hate and homophobia perpetrated against members of the community. Like these two young girls in the US, and Priscila’s execution-style murder in Brazil (which, by the way, provides free sex-change surgery for trans citizens). So what about us, here in Trinidad & Tobago…

…where we have Christian lawyers gathering before Parliament to beg for LGBT people to not have equal opportunity in law.

In case you missed it, homophobia still exists. And it’s still just as dangerous as ever. We can accept that and pretend it’s okay, or we can fight it. And I’m fighting it.


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