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Chopping Down Willow?

WIllow Smith holding hands with another young lady. I did not say kissing or ripping off clothes or anything like that. I said holding hands. Like female high-school friends sometimes do. Don’t get it twisted.

To be honest, I got on the tabloid train late, but I’m hearing people talking about Willow Smith coming out as bisexual and all sorts of stuff. There are people all over the world making noise about how a young girl could label herself bisexual, when she’s not having sex and considered too young to. And I wanna deal with some of the stupidity trapped in those statements while it’s here. I promise it won’t be long…

  1. Sexuality is not primarily about having sex, it’s about attraction. When I was her age, I was attracted to girls too. I had no interest in having sex with them at that age, but I definitely were attracted to them.
  2. Maybe I am simply too late here, but I haven’t heard Willow tell you or anyone you know that she’s bisexual. When she does, then (hopefully) we can have an intelligent discussion about it.
  3. What if the girl is bi? After we get past the fact that we all begin to discover and understand our sexuality in our teen years, and sometimes we discover something different to heterosexuality, we can understand that this isn’t as abnormal as some might imagine. But, even if you don’t like her sexuality, you don’t have to be with the girl. She’s much younger than some of you complaining anyway.

We can go through an entire conversation about what are society’s genderings of lesbianism and bisexuality, so to speak – whether short hair, unusual clothes and a couple piercings make a woman more likely to be attracted to other women – and ‘what that means for the youth’ or whatever. But when all is said and done, all the talk around this is unwarranted regardless of whether it’s true or not So how about we stop?


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