Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Informal Whoring

A couple weeks ago, I got the comment of a lifetime from a blog called Informal Whoring. It was rich, thoughtful, insightful, and happened upon some thoughts that I was having as well as ones I was not, in much less words than I waste on a blog post every day. So I couldn’t resist responding to it.

So, instead of writing it out, I wanted to give myself a chance to say it out loud and see what comes out, and also see if I can get the lady (referred to as ‘InformalWhore’ in the recording, simply because I don’t know here name) to speak about what made her type those things then. I don’t at all think that this kind of conversation is one that finishes in a blog comment, but one that we peel away at over time and see why we think and feel the way we do.

So, here’s the podcast.


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