Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

We need a National Gender Policy

I’m gonna make this quick, because to be honest I don’t think there can be much debate about this; we need a national gender policy in Trinidad & Tobago.

There I said it. Moving on…

Oh, you’re not convinced? Even though we live in a country without sex and sexuality education that can significantly deal with issues like teenage pregnancy and the spread of STDs? Even though we still have employment inequalities between men and women in this state? Even though our country still suffers gender- and sexuality-based violence without any policy that speaks directly to that?

The great folks at Support for Change have made a petition at to make sure that these problems get solved in policy, after years of government proposing and planning and consulting to do so with no real action. Check it out, sign it, share it with friends and share it again. Right now. Because this needs to happen right now.


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