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Light Over Darkness

Today, November 13th 2012, is the celebration of Divali in Trinidad & Tobago. It’s the Hindu celebration of Ram’s defeat of the Demon King Ravana to save his wife Sita, and avenge the sages and innocents that were affected by Ravana’s evil reign. It’s symbolic of the victory of light over darkness, of the God-like Ram and his blessed opponent, doing battle over what seems to be years, in order to bring peace and order back to the world.

It’s no different to the work that activists and advocates are doing all over the world – doing battle with adversaries that are sometimes politicians or CEOs, or other times ideas and beliefs, in order to make a more peaceful and inclusive place for all people. Whether it’s abolishing the death penalty, worker’s rights, abortion rights, children’s rights, farmer’s rights, LGBT rights…it’s all about a group of people fighting those who, purposefully or inadvertently, darken people’s lives. And about bringing light to those lives.

So when you’re lighting your deyas today, make sure to think about how you can add light to other people’s lives, through your thoughts words and deeds. Do something positive for a community or take up a cause. Teach, or start recycling. Whatever it is, let your light so shine that they may see your good works man.

Yeah, wrong religious text…but you get the idea…

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