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Accidentally Colonial Activism

Critical to helping someone – truly helping someone – is imagining them as just as much a person as you. Maybe not with the same resources or experiences, but just as capable of making the life that they want for themselves. It requires us to trust that the person we want to help is worthy… Continue reading Accidentally Colonial Activism

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What Don’t You F**king Get About Domestic Violence?

Yesterday evening, news broke that Rachael Sukhdeo dropped the domestic violence suit against her millionaire husband Sheron Sukhdeo, saying that they’ve since reconciled┬átheir issues. And, right on time, the dozens of folks who think that it’s their place to call Rachael an idiot came out of the woodwork…

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Called to Preach a God of Inclusion

We’re called to carve safe spaces for them in our homes, schools, churches…in our entire communities! And that is the only reason I intend to return to the church now – to preach God’s Love, whether the Anglican Communion likes it or not.