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Gayle-Force Shitstorm of Acceptable Harassment

Gayle’s display reveals a bigger problem, rooted in men’s socialized understanding of women as sexualized bodies first and competent workers (or even whole human beings) second.

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The Cosby Case: Searching for Justice, not Conspiracy

It’s not about race. It’s not about money. It’s not about The Man. It’s just about justice.

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We Need 50 Shades of Boycotts

What I am saying is that the language that we’ve traditionally used to inspire others to join in boycotts against potentially problematic work have only worked for folks who already know or are likely to accept that the work is problematic. We’ve not yet truly discovered how to convert the philistine, to educate them about these sorts of issues quickly and effectively to have them join the cause. And, in that, we are failing.

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Net Neutrality – Not Just A First-World Problem Anymore

The net is a democratized space – all data created equal. Companies like Comcast and Digicel are interested in discriminating against customers' and websites' freedom to seek, create and share that data. That's a dictatorship. And when you don't respond to a dictatorship as soon as it rears its ugly head, it's almost always too late.